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If you're seeking support and camaraderie during pregnancy and motherhood, look no further! Our community offers a safe, welcoming space where women can come together to share their experiences and provide each other with the support and encouragement they need.​

Whether you're a first-time mom or a seasoned veteran, our online forum provides valuable resources and connections to help you navigate this exciting and challenging time. Sign up today to start connecting with other moms-to-be and new moms and discover the benefits of being part of a supportive community.​

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Find valuable tips and tricks for pregnancy, childbirth, child care, and more at the same place. Be prepared and take control of your next stage

Never feel lonely

Discuss happy and sad moments during or after pregnancy. Find new friends going through similar stage and talk to anyone in your network

Get expert advice

Get expert advice from industry professionals and experienced mommies on topics you are confused about.


Create or join groups


Connect with women on the same journey as yours and share your experience.


Create and join relevant groups from where you can interact, support and seek help.



Listen to expert talks or create your own podcasts.


Add moms to your contact list and start chatting with them.

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Our Story

My husband and I moved to a new country when I was pregnant. I was working from home and was not meeting friends frequently, so could not share what I was going through. I had to google every question I had in mind. Overwhelmed by the multitude of different answers, I would eventually become confused. Even after the delivery, being first-time parents, we had so many doubts related to postpartum recovery, postpartum depression, and child care. Due to the fact that we were alone and so busy with our newborn daughter, we were unable to do much research or meet doctors/midwives. With Preggy & Beyond, we hope to build a community of new and expecting moms who can help each other along the way.

Our Mission

Our mission at Preggy & Beyond is, no women should feel lonely on their pregnancy journey

What moms are saying

Testimonial by Swati

Wow!! It’s a great idea! I wish something like this would have been there, during my first pregnancy. With this, I think, my pregnancy journey would have been smoother, as it was very difficult for me to find the correct information in one place.

Swati Agnihotri

Testimonial by Pooja

My pregnancy journey was so difficult but online help made it easy, as you get more details through an app. It’s a beautiful idea that helps many mothers in their difficult times and makes this journey beautiful. Thanks, Preggy & Beyond for taking this initiative 🙏

Pooja Singh

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